O.S. is an organized network of people pursuing the betterment of their lives and communities.

We are the keepers of a body of Knowledge that enables the individual to identify what they truly want in life and how to successfully achieve their goals.

This body of Knowledge is the practical application of a simple set of Virtues, Qualities, and Practices that will raise your awareness and plot out the necessary course of actions you should take to create and live the life you desire.

    • Expand both your personal and professional networks
    • Improve your physical and mental well being
    • Gain control of your life and destination
    • Start and/or improve your career or business
    • Enjoy life more with meaningful recreation
    • Become a better leader among your peers
    • Strengthen your community through needed engagement

If any of the above sounds appealing to you, know that you are not alone! You will see that we all want the best lives we can make for ourselves.

  • O.S. is an organization that encourages and supports you on your path in life. In turn, you will be able to contribute to the betterment of the lives of countless others.
  • We are not a mystical or new age organization. Our focus is the practical application of real world methods to achieve attainable results. We do use some techniques such as symbolism and mnemonic devices that have been proven to yield positive outcomes when utilized properly.
  • We are not a religious organization.
  • We are not a political organization.
  • We do not discriminate, with one exception:¬†We champion reason and logic. Radicalism, extremism, or hate of any kind is not welcome.