O.S. (or “Our Society” as we like to call it) is a secret society dedicated to fun, fellowship, and furtherance of self and community. Like many other secret societies, we too, have 3 degrees in our Order. Each degree has a ‘quest’ or task that must be completed before progression to the next can occur. The 3 degrees are as follows:


Everyone has to start somewhere, and knowing nothing of our Order, you must first learn how and when to use the Cloak and Dagger.


Once you've learned enough to be capable of actually causing some shenanigans, you must uncover the mysteries of the Lock and Key.


Having proven yourself accomplished among your fellow Rogues, your final task is to take up the Crown and Torch.

What You Can Know and Expect

We meet at least once a month (sometimes more often than that) either virtually or in-person (local chapters) to engage in fun activities and have discussions on a wide variety of topics. We also discuss internal Order business (the boring stuff required to run an organization properly) as well as any Projects we may have in effect. 

Membership is Chapter based and each chapter is mostly autonomous. If there is not a local chapter near you, you will be highly encouraged (but not required) to charter one. Each chapter has a name, officers, and their own projects, etc. 

A lot of “what we do” is project based, meaning – if a member has an idea, they are encouraged to formulate a project around it to accomplish their goal. Many projects are focused on improving local communities in some way, but that’s not a strict requirement. A ‘project’ could be anything. Other members in the Order are usually very happy to help assist in your project. 

Requirements to Join

We are not a religious or political organization. The only 2 requirement to join O.S. are a) be at least 21 years of age and b) adopt and adhere to our Code of Comportment. Of which, there are 5 Virtues and 3 Aspirations:

  • Integrity – In all endeavors you will conduct yourself with the utmost integrity.
  • Priority – Following spirituality, family, health, and career, you will make this Order the 5th priority in your life.
  • Loyalty – You will keep the secrets and knowledge of this Order from outsiders. 
  • Prosperity – Ours is a prosperous path. You must be willing to accept prosperity and the responsibilities that come with it.
  • Solidarity – Being a part of something greater than ourselves is to stand together in solidarity. 

  • Intrepidation – In all manners of heart and mind, we must strive to be intrepid.
  • Contribution – Whether measured in time or money, we contribute what we can to improve our communities.
  • Awareness – Awareness is the key that unlocks the rewards of this Order. You will craft this key out of obligation to yourself and this Order.
How to Join

The first step is to submit a request for consideration below. Tell us a little bit about yourself. What do you want out of life and why do you want to join this Order? Why should we consider you for membership? This is rarely a disqualifying step, we just want an introduction first. The only wrong answers are dishonest ones, so just be you.  Unless we see some red flag (which is odd), a member will contact you for further steps. 

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