O.S. is a secret Order that welcomes all men and women that possess a sincere interest in improving their lives and making the world a better place. O.S. was created in 2005 out of the idea that if enough people work together with the same goals in mind, they can exponentially increase the rate of success for each individual.

Founded Upon Three Pillars


A global network of people sharing resources and helping one another. 


Establish an economic Trust in order to aid individual members in achieving financial stability.


Reclaim governance to once again have the best interests of the people in mind.


O.S. membership is structured in a tiered system that will first focus on improving your own life. Study includes modern as well as mystic lessons that will help you begin creating the life you desire. You will no longer be subject to the circumstances of external influence, rather you will become the Center of influence.

The second tier of membership teaches you leadership skills by mentoring new members of the Order. You will hone your skills of influence and help grow the Order. You will begin to see the manifested results of the Process of Creation.

The focus of the third tier is to go beyond the Order and help your local community. All the benefits of this Order are fruitless if we do not use what we learn to serve our communities and make them better. 

In order to make the world a better place, we must first help ourselves, then help those we know, and finally we must be willing to help those we do not know. 

Knowledge of the fourth tier is reserved for those who have proven themselves worthy to receive it.

Additional Information

  • O.S. are the initials of the name of this Order. Only members are allowed to know the full name.
  • Members are referred to as Rogues, because we have claimed our own sovereignty.  We do not blindly follow convention.
  • While we do take this Order and the work of this Order seriously, much is meant to be tongue-in-cheek all in the spirit of good fun. Therefore, if you do not possess a sense of humor you need not apply.
  • We are not a religious order, but do study certain aspects of mysticism. If this somehow threatens your faith, you need not apply.
  • We are not associated or affiliated with the Illuminati™ in any way. 
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