For thousands of years, artisans have been forming guilds centered around their respective professions. Membership in these guilds offered pride in craft, camaraderie among colleagues, networking opportunities, and shared resources. In addition, these guilds made the industry stronger by establishing standards of quality, apprenticeships, lowering costs, and increasing awareness of the craft. Simply being a member of one of these guilds provided a certain amount of credibility to the artisan and the quality of craftmanship that could be expected by patrons. It is a prime example of people working together with common interests and goals for the betterment of all. 

Over time, these guilds developed a framework of symbolism using the tools and methods of the craft as analogies to impart wisdom, moral lessons, and the importance of good character. In some cases, entire allegories were written to instill deep philosophies on life. During the Renaissance period, these metaphorical frameworks began to draw the interest of laypeople. Some of the guilds decided to open membership up to those interested in the moral and social teachings.

Eventually, membership of laypeople surpassed that of tradesmen and the guilds began to take on a new life of their own becoming “speculative” rather than “operative”. The most common examples being Freemasonry and the Odd Fellows. As the teachings continued, guilds evolved into societies and orders, and shifted towards meeting social needs rather than professional. Members focused on helping their local communities while maintaining many of the benefits as before: pride, camaraderie, networking opportunities, shared resources, and credibility of character. Again, an example of people working together with common interests and goals for the betterment of all.

O.S. is such a society. We are a new Order that believes in the value that such an organization provides to its members and the communities in which we live. We have a unique framework of symbolism modeled after a profession of mystery. We refer to ourselves as rogues because do not allow convention to limit us; the unknown does not hinder us.

We are more modern than traditional fraternal orders and accept people from all walks of life. We are not religious, political, or new age.

Our only requirements to join are:

  • Strive to be a person of integrity
  • Be over the age of 18
  • Have an open mind and a sense of adventure
  • Have an eagerness for camaraderie